Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the man of the hour.

To my precious husband, John...

my husband & his work-stache

You turned 25 yesterday and it was glorious. I thank God for bringing you into this world, and more importantly for bringing you to me! I can't believe you are a quarter of a century, but I love it. You are so supportive, devoted, & will always make me laugh. What more could a girl ask for? Here's to you, Birthday boy!

Love you.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I feel like we've been all over the place lately, so try to keep up.

Memorial Weekend at the Lake was a blast for all. The boys are spoiled rotten and lounged under a canopy umbrella.

Courtesy of mi padre, Rick: SHRIMP BOIL
No, I did not eat all of it despite what you may think.

Miller Outdoor Theater with Adam and Clelyn was such a treat.
a. It's completely free & makes me feel like Houston has it's own little Central Park.
b. It was a beautiful night + zero humidity
c. Esperanza Spaulding. Can I please have hair like that one day??
d. Perfect opportunity for a photo op with my hubbie. I simply don't have recent pictures of us. We met our quota on August 30th. ;)

Most recently, we went to my childhood friend's wedding in Dallas. Holly and Trent had a gorgeous wedding, and their marriage will be even more beautiful. We got to eat at Twisted Roots Burgers, which I highly recommend. They were voted Best Burgers in Texas and were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. (Totally unrelated to the wedding, but worth mentioning)

And wouldn't ya know... we cleaned up nice enough for me to snag one more pic.

PHEW. I am exhausted. Good times.

I am about to start my teaching certification course on Monday. Could you (my two dear readers) lift us up in prayer? After it's all over, I hope to have a great post about a new job! We'll see...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read a recent post from MckMama & it really hit home for me.

I have been fervently praying for God to give me a new job.

I want to teach art, and I am taking an Alternative Teaching Certification program in about three weeks. I have to pass a Content Exam at the end of June to prove I know my shapes, colors, techniques, art history, etc... Unfortunately, school districts can't hire you until you've passed the exam & received a "highly qualified" letter from your certification program. By the time that can happen, we are creeping into the beginning of July and most positions will be filled. I'm just stating the facts, not trying to be negative.

I can't help but be consumed by the thought of teaching, which naturally makes me think it is the correct route to pursue. I am trying to be hopeful that things will work out, because I am desperate to get out of retail. I navigate my life far too often & have finally decided (at least for now) to let go. Even though it seems the odds are stacked against me, I love knowing the HE sees the big picture. I can be at peace knowing HE will make my path straight.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

Dear Lord, thanks for the reminder. Amen!

Monday, May 18, 2009

michael jordan weekend celebration.

I turned 23 this past weekend.

I can't quite believe how time flies these days. But, it sure is a great reminder to enjoy it & that's exactly what we did this weekend. I got my haircut by Denni ... she is an amazing woman/stylist & I highly recommend her for moral support, a listening ear, mad art skills, and genuine friendship. I've only seen her twice... that should tell you something!

Nicole Lynnette and I had bellinis and lunch at Onion Creek. It was delicious & there was a farmer's market ending right as we got there. I'll have to check it out earlier on my next Saturday off.

My super, amazing husband surprised me with a trip to at&t for an iPhone! How did I ever function properly without it. I have entered a new realm of technology that I am thrilled about. I took a picture of it (and maybe my new haircut) at Marshall's when John & I were wasting time before dinner.

We had the world's best dinner at Backstreet Cafe... and by world's best, I mean bacon wrapped quail, coffee crusted filet mignon, and a seafood sampler including a lobster tail. WOW. Sweet, sweet time. 

By Sunday, the fun should have been over. I already had the best weekend... but it kept going! We met Natalie and Matt at Onion Creek (yes, this was the second time in one weekend. no judgement.) for breakfast & then had lunch at The Daily Review with my family. As Jenna would say in 30Rock, "me want food!" .... except NOT because I am stuffed from a weekend of FOOD. No mas por favor. 

Such a delightful weekend & now, back to reality, as a 23 year old. yipee! Thanks for making my weekend so special and memorable friends & my love!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rain, rain, go away.

I've been absent for quite some time, but I must say I am feeling truly uninspired by my day to day activities. I wasn't sure if my life was dynamic enough to post about, but looking back on the past couple of weeks... I realize there is a common theme.

RAIN and more RAIN.

I had a three day weekend for the first time ever a couple weeks back, so I spent the majority of my time at work trying to plan a blowout schedule of events for my hubbie and i. Don't judge me for not working... the current economic crisis has turned even the affluent River Oaks community into a frenzy & i simply have no one to entertain.

We started out Saturday morning, sleeping in with the boys, but woke to a rainstorm. Go figure. Not wanting to have my perfectly planned weekend ruined, we pressed onward & had a potentially heart-attack inducing breakfast at HOUSE OF PIES. Acapulco breakfast is John's fave & I am obsessed with their coffee (of course I eat breakfast, too, a lot... but the coffee is worth highlighting).

Next stop, 12:45 deadline for the main event at 1pm. Over the river and through the woods we traveled to a warehouse district for a Saturday tour and tasting at Saint Arnold's Brewery! Best Wife Award granted upon arrival. I recommend you do not attend this delightful tour on a rainy day. Yes, you will have to wait outside in the line, and no, an umbrella will not protect your pants or shoes from completely drowning. Regardless, it's only $5 for a ticket which includes a great little tasting glass & four drink tokens. Aside from the old boot/wet dog smell, it was a great success. We literally waded to our car in nearly knee deep water... good times.

The evening events were an alteration to the original plan, but as you can imagine, we have the rain to thank for that. It proved to be worth it though, because we went out to Katy to see John's family, including Papa Norman and Nunu - his amazing grandparents that moved here recently from SUNNY Florida. I love me some pizza time !! Norman always captures candid moments on his digital camera and prints out a variety of sizes on photo paper for us to take home. Wallet sizes available upon request.

I am suddenly realizing that my "not so interesting life" is turning into a very lengthy post and i apologize for that. We'll wrap it up to say that Sunday was a trip to Discovery Green downtown. We had hot dogs at the Lakeside Cafe & brought fresh organic produce from the farmer's market (Sundays noon -4). It is a GREAT place tucked away in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Monday was a shopping day to the "semi-new" outlet center off 290. I bought an umbrella from Gap. That's right... no shoes, not a single summer scarf, or even discounted running shorts. Just a great striped umbrella. It felt very appropriate for the current weather conditions, and I truly didn't think it would EVER stop raining, except that God promised we won't need another ark. We stopped by Whole Earth Provision Co. on the way home and picked out a pair of TOMS for each of us. Have you heard of these treasures? Well, it's one for one - you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child in need. Brilliant, if you ask me! Aside from being vegan friendly, they have great styles.

You may be wondering about vegan shoes & i like this link b/c it is informative and to the point. Click the dots located on the shoe for more info. I am not a crazy activist, but this sure does pull on my heart strings. I love animals.

Super successful weekend to say the least, and I am so thankful for sweet time with my hubbie. It is rare we get more than one full day together, so this was such a treat. I think I am over retail and working on Saturdays... I'm convinced this lifestyle is way more fun.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

keep austin wierd

I thought I would fill you in on some current happenings in the Weaver family. I finally convinced myself that it was okay to ask one Saturday a month off (retail hours are delightful), so John and I went down to Austin this past weekend. My mom, aka: Gigi for her grand-dogs, and dad took the boys to the lake... bless their sweet souls. It is amazing to live life without the responsibilities of a pet. The thought of children seems so schematic to us at this point (by schematic, I really mean out of the question). I already clean up throw up, break up fights, search high and low for their missing Kong toys, and pay way too much money for grooming/veterinary visits. So, I think we are just fine with our boys for now.

The real reason for our visit to Austin was for the Capital 10k. Nicole Lynnette asked me after the first of the year if I wanted to join her on weekly runs. I accepted knowing it would be so great to see her every week & to get in shape. Working out has never really been on my agenda, so it's been challenging. I LOVE food and life can be super stressful. We really are trying to make healthy choices, but as you all know, "it's a lifestyle". grrrrr.

We met up with Stu and Nicole Smith who live in an amazing place downtown! They are great friends of ours & it was so nice to see them in their city for a change. We had a very delicious lunch at Chuy's - 1st time there, too! Thanks for spending your Saturday with us, Smith fam.

I had looked up a few shop must-sees from DesignSponge's city guide. I was very impressed with the recommendations. Our first stop was finch... sooo divine. John found an awesome hand stamped card with a simple art deco graphic of an anchor. Another favorite was Uncommon Objects . Check out the "peepshow" on their website to get a look inside. It was FULL of antique treasures. I adore other people's trash, if only I had room for it. The last two jackpot spots, were New Bohemia & Service. New Bohemia is a retro resale store has the most amazing selection of cowboy boots I've ever seen. Ladies, if you have a foot smaller than size 7.5 ... GO, run, don't walk. Of course, all the 8-9 sizes were slim pickings. John found so many pairs that we actually had to decide which looked/felt the best! We decided on a caramel colored, iguana skin pair for $63 tax included! Awesome. Houston Rodeo 2010, here we come. Service Menswear was a tiny treasure tucked away. John bought Levi's and looks fierce in them. I also loved the Jack Spade merchandise. He is a relative of Kate Spade, and his designs are clean and simple. Great gift idea, noted. 

After a very successful day of vintage/boutique shopping, we decided to grab a bite to eat at Threadgills. It was conveniently located right next to the hotel, and I was craving some carbs before the race. As we walked up to the front of the restaurant, we saw a live concert on the patio. To our surprise, it was WILL TAYLOR AND STRINGS ATTACHED. They definitely played at our wedding ceremony and reception. How bizarre!! It is such a small world. We settled into the Homestead Suites with the McCollough family and played a little "empire" - great game.

RACE DAY: Rise and shine, 7:45 am. I suited up in my new Raider Red dry-fit shirt from Nicole & we were off. I tackled the steep hills semi-gracefully and saw my hubbie at mile 5 for a refreshing push to finish strong. I am extremely proud to say we finished! 1:08 was just peachy for my first 6.2 miles. I feel so motivated to keep it up & even if I wasn't, Nicole would probably convince me. I may try the Aid Sudan run at the end of the month... 

GREAT TRIP! Miss it already. And, John won't quit talking about how awesome Austin is. I agree, but H-town is a super home.

Courtesy of photographer John: 

Friday, March 27, 2009

no turning back

I am pleased to introduce: 
Kirby & Guinness
born February 4, 2008
litter mates, brothers

These sweet boys came into our life right about the time I started my new job... bad idea for anyone considering it. We were at the bayou city art festival in Memorial Park when my mom called from a plant nursery up the road and said we HAD to come see west highland terrier pups that were for sale. John agreed, having no idea what was to come of our little adventure. As you can imagine, I was not okay with leaving one little puppy behind by himself, so after much convincing (also known as begging), we had our hands full. Potty training took forever, and it took me about two weeks to not run to their whimpering cry in the middle of the night. I am sure this was great practice for our far-distant future. But we LOVE them and can't imagine life without our boys. So, take a peek at some of our favorites from the year... 


Big jump from puppies, but like I said, life got a little hectic last year. I will do better with my real kids. Check on John's facebook mobile uploads for great current pics!